B2 Spirit

Why We Are The Best

We distinguish ourselves from the market vociferously by not being mere brokers to big companies but by being active partners at all stages. We are actively involved in the Design and Innovative Development of specific products and services that not only improve the efficiency but bring down the costs of deployment and replacement. We also ensure minimum times taken.

The engine of all Defence Systems

At the core of our Development, we work with the Hybrid model of innovative development. We use the options generating power of AI – Artificial Intelligence and using the unreplaceable Wisdom of the Human Mind for choosing the right option. Our Hybrid model is enhanced by the volumes of case studies and the researched white papers that we analyze to create scenarios of utility.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

UGVs designed to Terrain and Purpose requirements

ROW System

Remotely Operated Weapon Systems reconfigured to requirements

Surveillance Fortified

Surveillance Fortified with close Access and Encryption

Unmanned Logistics

Remotely managed and maintained in inhospitable regions

Aerial Drone Swarms

The Next Generation Versatile Military Weapon systems

Smart Encrypted

Smart Data that practically redefines Security and Encryption

From Our Blog

Futuristic designs discussed regularly to give Greater Insights into Fortified Defence Systems


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Posted On 11 July 2018

Aerial Unmanned Systems

Aerial Unmanned Systems are the future where the foot soldier is protected by the Learned Officers sitting in the safety of the Barracks.


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Posted On 20 September 2018

Soldier Welfare. Training.

A Soldier is as good as the training he gets. Go beyond weapons to create Soldiers where One Soldier equals 80 Soldiers


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Posted On 22 December 2018

Discipline of Systems

Understand here . . . How the Discipline of Systems can lead to greater Discipline of the Soldier who does not fail. The first step to Strong Defence.